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Infor CRM Epiphany is a customer relationship management solution that caters to deliver to the needs of hospitality industry. Whether you have a hotel business or manage a motel, if hospitality is your concern, look no further than Infor CRM Epiphany. Really easy to use and providing utmost usability, Infor CRM Epiphany is a tool that can provide instant gratification to all your customer relationship improvement needs.


Improve your customer data at every interaction. By knowing more about your customers, you can serve them better. But your customers are often wary about revealing too much information, so you have to strike a balance between asking for many details all at once, for a few details on each transaction, or simply observing behavior for hints about customers’ preferences. If you intelligently combine these approaches, you’ll be ready to build more powerful and profitable customer relationships.


Trust a proven solution. Successful companies trust Infor™ CRM Epiphany because it gives them the broadest and most powerful solution available for capturing, managing, and measuring all the customer data they need to stay on the cutting edge of great customer service. Satisfied customers in every major industry segment are using Infor CRM Epiphany to work the way they want to work and to cultivate great customer relationships that last for years.


Strike a perfect balance with your customers. You can’t interrogate customers too aggressively or you’ll scare them away. But you can create a consistent, methodical process for gathering everything you need to know about each customer over time. That way, you end up knowing what you need to know to give your customers what they want. You can refine and expand your database in an appropriate, unobtrusive way because Infor CRM Epiphany Data Advisor weaves itself into every customer interaction. Infor

You can use it to:

• Automate your data enhancement process . You encounter the same customers across many different channels with each interaction. Every time someone in your organization takes an order, answers a question, or provides support, they need to know what kind of information would be most valuable to add to your CRM database. Your customer advocates will ask the questions for which you need answers every time the chance arises with Data Advisor.

• Unleash the power of your CRM investment. Every time you improve the quality of your customer data, you create opportunities to deliver a new service, up-sell, cross-sell, or promote new offers. When you have the information you need, you’ll get the greatest possible value from every customer.

• Work smarter, not harder. You don’t always need more information—you need the right information, in the right place, at the right time. Your information collection effort stays focused and coordinated, so that you can get the most from your existing resources.

• Avoid seeming intrusive to your customers . Naturally, you want to know more about your customers than it might be polite to ask. But if you collect information thoughtfully, a little at a time, you’ll gradually build a trusting relationship in which customers feel that you’re considering their needs, not pumping them for information.

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