OpenERP screenshots

OpenERP is a commercial open source suite of business applications including:


* Purchasing

* Manufacturing

* Warehouse Management

* Project Management

* Accounting

* Human Resources

* Marketing

OpenERP is committed to Open Source Business Model. The software is published under the AGPL licence.


OpenERP is a comprehensive suite of business applications including Sales, CRM, Project management, Warehouse management, Manufacturing, Financial management, Human Resources just to name a few. More than 700 openERP modules are available on Launchpad.


OpenERP unique modular approach allows customers to start with one application and to add other modules later on. Customers keep the benefits of an integrated software but avoid a “big bang” project.


OpenERP allows you to customize the user interface and manage your business processes in only a few clicks.

The same version of OpenERP can be used either On-site or Online. We are committed to always allow you customers choose what is best for them.

The absence of license fees makes OpenERP very affordable. The complete set of service we provide (On line and On-site) provide great value for the customers. We are of the only vendor to guarantee migration services for a fixed fee.


OpenERP follows a commercial open source business model. The development and community efforts are managed through Launchpad, using the Bazaar versioning system. The company maintains the copyright and determines what is accepted into the software code base and the direction of the software. The OpenERP community is organized on the OpenObject website, where you can find the forums, the IRC and all the available modules for OpenERP. The documentations are also managed on launchpad but a website dedicated to all books has been set up in 2009. The OpenERP book was updated for the new version and can be downloaded for free.

OpenERP is claimed to set up a business model with a win-win relationship between the community, the partner network and the editor. The partners are intended to create the market around OpenERP and the service offers, the editor is responsible for the quality and the vision on the development of the product and the community generates activities and contribute to the growth of the product. All modules produced by the editors, the partners and the community are to be open source.

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